Dynamically Different, Simply Superior.

Ask yourself: Which of these two surveys would you rather take? Which interview is more engaging? Which experience is more enjoyable? Which results are most effective? The answer is simple. The answer is Ocucom.

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Is Your Research at Risk?

Don't rely on 1.0 tools in a Web 2.0 world

Ocucom's research-proven and respondent-oriented Ocular™ approach is superior to traditional web interviews. Our exclusive, customizable methodology uses a multi-modal interview experience that works with the mind of a web user and with the web in mind. The Ocular™ approach works.

Ocucom™ provides services to support your Ocular™ project. Sampling and panel design, questionnaire design, data mining, software solutions and hosting services provide a complete solution. Our comprehensive capabilities, unparalleled flexibility and commitment to service will make your partnership with Ocucom dynamically different and simply superior.