Dynamically Different, Simply Superior.

Ask yourself: Which of these two surveys would you rather take? Which interview is more engaging? Which experience is more enjoyable? Which results are most effective? The answer is simple. The answer is Ocucom.

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Thinking Outside the Box

Ocucom™ bases its Ocular™ approach on a simple truth. The research industry converted to the digital age without truly adapting to it. Traditional text-based online interviews use the same input-output methodology as paper and pencil.

Ocucom™ carefully designed a user interface that is most like “real life” on the web. The visual impact of graphics and/or video as selection devices is central to our approach. Our research has engineered the strategic and tactical elements of the methodology. Our research has validated its efficacy. Your research will be the beneficiary.

An Ocular™ interview is more fun and more engaging. It breaks barriers, increases cooperation, decreases bias and provides accurate results.

Increased completion rates and richer data make Ocular™ a simply superior choice.